November 17, 2015 - joy day at Ambohipeno

For November, we have a remarkable day for our zazagasy to Ambohipeno..

On Tuesday 17, they have the joy of receiving each, for CP2 classes, CE, CM1 and CM2 : a complete rule package containing two set square, a protractor and a ruler, a color 12crayons box..

The classes have received Kits tables rules and educational boards in natural sciences (teeth, muscles, human body) in bilangues (French and Malagasy)

These gifts were offered by Telma Foundation represented by its President Ms Isabelle SALABERT in partnership with the Foundation BGFIBank represented by Mr Jean François NDONG MINTSA. In addition, the school will have a stock notebook for this school year…

In rural areas like « Ambohipeno », students parents are mostly farmers, it is very difficult for them to replace the note book for their children once they are filled …It is justly by thinking this problem Isabelle SALABERT offered notebooks in stock..

The idea is to have permanent note books during the school year, it’s to say that the child will said to his mistress that he needs a new note book .. It will bring the old and the responsible will note on the next notebook that good !!
Telma Foundation and the Chaine de Solidarité Enfants de la Rue take charge will monitor these note books, the school will forward a monthly State of stock !!

It’s always a great joy to see the joy of our children, the thousands of stars that sparkle in their eyes 10,000 reward us for our dedication, our Christmas gift in advance and that just the day of the anniversary of grand son of our Founder President November 17 you say? His dad was born on May 13 as its Mamy
Lord thank you for always being there to show us the way….

Just one comment that you can see on the pictures beside…

In CP1 class, children were at work, they have between 4 to 6 years old, full of chalk everywhere on the face, forehead .. it’s so cute ;)))

Les élèves de la classe CP1!
Les élèves de la classe CP1!
Les élèves de la classe CP1!

We are pleased to share this wonderful moment through these pictures

Click on the small image to have in greater

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