Projects of association Enfants De La Rue


Create in 1997, the chain of solidarity international « Enfants de la Rue » is to help the Malagasy children living in poverty, to have access to the benches of the school and to receive an adequate education there!

We worked since almost 19ans with the inward conviction that if we give a chance to the stripped children, they could change the course of their life! More than 4,000 children are now in front of a different future.

We are proud to announce to you that we have at the present time11 university who continue their studies successfully , in Engineering civil, in French language, Management, in Law , in Medicine and Industrial engineering


In addition and apart from this basic activity, the chain was enregistred from non-profit organization in Madagascar and had collected funds to set up a Center called “Zazagasy” for the underprivileged children.

To honour this beautiful project, we supported an already existing school in the locality of Ambohipeno – rural district Ambohimanambola – Antananarivo Avaradrano; it bears the pretty name of « l’Ecole de l’Espérance ». We made an extension of which: two buildings of which the first has four classrooms with courtyard and the second has two rooms: library and infirmary and in more four latrines and a well with water tower.

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, was one day unforgettable for us all on the chain of solidarity international Enfants De La Rue.

What we prepared, maintained with tops and bottoms, brought its fruits.

We inaugurated our Zazagasy project

Eh voilà, ça y est.. Il est à vous maintenant, c'est à votre tour d'en prendre soin :-) !!!

To always know about what we do, thank you to visit our facebook page facebook.

Thus, if you wish to bring your assistance, however small, or you wish to sponsor a child, or you wish to donate at the school… Thanks for agreeing to contact us at the address e-mail following :

Secretariat :
Founding President :
By telephone : 034 16 210 43 (secrétariat)

And our banking contact is the following ones :


In MADAGASCAR : Banque of Africa ( BOA) – Antananarivo

** Ariary : 00009 / 05604 / 15576480004 / 87
** Euro : 00009 / 05604 / 15576480029 / 51
** USD : 00009 / 05604 / 15576480017 / 87

In BELGIQUE : BELFIUS (ex Dexia) – (Embourg Agency) – in EUR only

Compte N° 083-2837227 – 77
Code IBAN : BE80–0832-8372–2777

The chain of solidarity international « ENFANTS DE LA RUE »
constantly looking to expand with more godfather worldwide

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