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About the EDLR association

The reason for our existence

Who are we ?

Reason for our existence

The chain of International Solidarity ENFANTS DE LA RUE was created in 1997 by Nicky VAN ASS. With the aim of helping children living in poverty in Antananarivo and its surroundings. Not only so that they can have access to school benches but above all to receive an adequate education. The year 2017, we celebrated our 20 years of existence … During all these years, we have known 4 Presidents of republic, and gone through 2 crises. And yet we are still here. Thanks to big-hearted people who have been following us all this time, trusting us blindly, we are holding on and we are where we are today. Our warmest thanks go directly to all these people.

Sponsorship is 65 € per year…

Not even the price of a romantic restaurant with a little wine from us !! 65 € PER YEAR and you can offer a poor child a different future, so that they forget the misery that surrounds them.

So are you up for it? Are you responsive to our call?

If so, become part of our Channel by becoming one of the jerseys that constitute it

by becoming a godmother or godfather!

Our history

The chain of International Solidarity

Enfants De La Rue is a non-profit association of a humanitarian nature governed by ordinance N ° 60-133 of 03 October 1960 … It obtained legal status from the Malagasy government in the year 2000 under Order N ° 1408/2000 – Receipt N ° 04 74 / MI / SG / DAT / AP / ASS. The history of the Chain of International Solidarity began more than 24 years ago: our founding president crossed Malagasy soil. Deeply touched on her arrival by the smile and kindness of the Malagasy people, but especially by the poverty of the children she encountered, she could not remain insensitive to this great misery. This is how the Chain was created with a new and unusual sponsorship system! Our Founding President had a wonderful dream of creating an Upgrade Center called “Zazagasy” textually translatable Malagasy Children. Unfortunately, the political events that we had to go through put an end to this dream of construction; all persons designated to take care of it having left the country! We therefore provided support to an already existing school in the locality of Ambohipeno – rural municipality of Ambohimanambola – Antananarivo Avaradrano; it has the pretty name of “School of Hope” . We have made an extension of which: two buildings, the first of which has four classrooms with covered playground and the second has two rooms: library and infirmary and in addition four latrines and a well with water tower. The inauguration took place on October 29, 2014 in the presence of the Mayor and local notables. To date, we still have to furnish and stock the library. We had a superb basketball court built!

Our organization

In accordance with Article 17 of the Statutes of July 15, 2009, modifying those of March 10, 1999, the Chaîne de Solidarité is managed by a Board of Directors composed of at least 3 members and at most 12 members.

As of 12/31/15, the members of the Board of Directors were as follows:

Honorary President Ms. Nicky 
President: Mme Délicie RASOLOFOMANANA
Member: Mr. Guy VAN ASS

Article 7 of these same Statutes also mentions that the Solidarity Chain operates thanks to its full members

These are the following people with an indication of their function:

Honorary President: Ms. Nicky
Secretary: Mrs. Marie Ravoniarinirina.
Treasurer: Mr. Guy Van Ass.
Active member in Madagascar: Mme Marie-Claire Schubnel, Mrs Vola et Christine Rabenoro
Active members in Belgium: Mrs. Eugène and Lisette Beckers.