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Why give?

Because it is through the education of children that the progress of a so-called "poor" country can be made !!

By providing health care and other vital needs for the children of our poor families,
our main objective is to enable these children and the beneficiary families to acquire their autonomy,
in order to improve their knowledge, their living conditions in the future ….

In addition to our motto "Let's act to make education a reality for all"

We are convinced that if we want to live happily

we have to travel with two bags, one to give and the other to receive…

And we think that if everyone applied the true meaning of this trip, we could decrease some little of the misery that hurts our eyes so much when we meet her !!
Share with us, love and happiness, and poverty will gradually disappear …

Our Vice President

On the photo the Vice President our very dear friend “Délicie Rasolofomanana” the guardian angel of our “Street Children” who is always present with us 100% when we need help!