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Our actions

During its more than 24 years, 4250 children have had the happiness of finding themselves in front of a different future.

We are very proud to announce that we have 10 academics. Our joint efforts have made us have the great joy of increasing the number of children who have taken place on the school benches and yet it is not enough, poverty still reigns.
Reason for our existence

So we still need you, your help!

Do you want to help our children to live rather than to survive? Give them hope? Those who weren’t lucky enough to be born in a “rich” country? Do you want them to have a better future? So let’s walk together and live up to our motto: “Making education a reality for all” ! If you decide to support a Malagasy child by taking him by the hand to get him out of the midst of absolute poverty, by directing him towards the path of success, you will feel pride and happiness within you