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International solidarity chain

Enfants De La Rue Madagascar

A word from the President

Created in 1997, the International Chain of Solidarity Enfants de la Rue (EDLR) enables Malagasy children living in poverty to go to school and get an appropriate education.

The Association has three essential components, namely:

iconeThe children in need,
The volunteers on location, and
One sponsor for each child

For the Christmas party, we are supported by generous donors here and throughout the world. Thanks to them, every year since 1997, a fun show is organized; our children go home with full stomachs and armfuls of gifts!

Nicky Van Ass - Présidente Fondatrice de la Chaîne de Solidarité Internationale Enfants De La Rue


Dear visitors, there, in a few words, is what we are doing in the Great Island.

For further details on our news, please visit the website.

Thanking you in anticipation on my behalf and that of the children.


The Founding President,
Nicky Van Ass

Latest News

Project of rehabilitation - old building, Espérance School Ambohipeno -

Dear donors & Dear godfathers and godmothers Our Chain of International Solidarity will celebrate its 20 year of existence in 2017.If we held up to this point it is especially thanks to you..   During all these years, we had to face difficult situations; however we managed altogether to increase the number of assisted children; indeed thanks to you, more than 4 000 children could have access to education.On 29th October, 2014, one of our dreams was fulfilled as we inaugurated our project ZAZAGASY (great extension of the school ESPERANCE at Ambohipeno – District rural of Ambohimanambola – Antananarivo Avaradrano, with a construction of three classrooms with courtyard,


Our partners


Hôtel Carlton La Fondation Telma La ligne scandinave
Boutique ArcadiaBOA Madagascar

Jacques Brel's words  
"...The only fact of dreaming is already very important,
I wish you dreams to be finished moreover it..
And the furious desire to carry out some of them,
I wish you to like what it is necessary to like
And to forget what it is necessary to forget,
I wish you passed,
I wish you silences,
I wish you songs of birds to the alarm clock,
And of the laughter of children,
I wish you to resist stagnation,
With the indifference, the negative virtues of our time,
I especially wish you to be you...."


Our project Zazagasy changes a little guidance, but we are always working keeping in mind our motto:
«Let us act to make education a reality for all ».

In 2014, our Board of Directors has made a decision!

We have announced the imminent opening of our Zazagasy center was in 2008 .... Year after year hoping that opening was postponed, due to land title recognition problems.

Since that time, our TELMA donor has tried by all means to resolve the dispute between some envious people, who are desperate to own the land and renovated buildings that are at Antanandrano....

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Become a godfather

To become godfather for some children of the street of the capital of Madagascar

Sponsorship is generally the single chance to leave poverty for the stripped children of Antananarivo.
Thanks to your generosity these children will be able to build a better future and to feel protected on the way from their success.

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