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Explanatory documents

For your information dear sponsors

In order to be part of The Chain of International Solidarity Enfants de la rue the files concerning the children and young people to be sponsored must be presented with:

  • 1 certificate of residence
  • 1 birth certificate
  • 1 school certificate (to find out the child’s educational level)
  • 5 identity photos ( 1 for the dispensary, 2 for the payment card, 1 for the sponsorship card and 1 for the sponsorship form)
  • Description of the family situation
    It is clear that it is the families in real need who are targeted by the chain. Moreover, a visit will be organized by us after receipt of the file to see the standard of living of the family in question.

MAXIMUM AGE OF GIRLS : 18 years old

Sponsorship is 55 € via the bank per year, covering all costs of the child’s schooling or part of these costs. In the latter case, it would be a “scholarship”.

Parents should seek a school of good standard but whose fees do not exceed the amount of the sponsorship. In the case of public schools, EPP, CEG and LYCEE, the costs of purchasing school supplies, books, etc.… may be covered.

A family member must come every 1st Tuesday of month, from 8 a.m., in the wedding hall on the 1st floor of the town hall of the 1st district of Antananarivo to receive the scholarships.

The family must in exchange present the school attendance card which must be sealed every quarter by a school official to prove the child’s actual presence.

Members of the chain may be called upon to visit homes, schools or centers where the children can be found.

Twice a year, a school report must be presented by the family in order to give it to the godfather or the godmother.

links also allow relationship.
For more information, please contact us.