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2008 Gala and Christmas Party for Street Children in Madagascar

2008 Gala and Christmas Party for Enfants de la Rue in Madagascar


Nicky entrusted me with the heavy responsibility of keeping you regularly informed of the events that animate our association. first, that I tell you about the Gala that we organized last October 18 to raise funds for ZAZAGASY , our new project which is discussed in detail elsewhere .
Many friends had devoted themselves to organize the evening and encourage many people to come and support the project. It was a great success as you can judge from the photos below.
The objectives were clearly explained both by our President Nicky Van Ass that by Dominique de Closet, sociologist and his trainees from Belgium. The banquet was hosted by our friend Jean-Charles Mirceta in a more than professional and friendly manner. With a lot of humor, he completed the raffle fueled by many very interesting prizes. Thank you to the donors who have been very generous. Jean-Charles also masterfully hosted the auction of the very first volume of the magnificent book of photos made by Edith Marichal – Lecloux, a book intended for sale to fuel the project. It was Etienne Anslot, our dear Honorary Consul of Belgium and François van Rens, the director of the Carlton who won after a bitter fight with Serge Leoni of the Hôtel Colbert. Thank you both very much.

STREET CHILDREN . This year, they will have their Feast on December 3rd. Our 350 children will be gathered in the large hall of the Town Hall of the 1st district of Tana very kindly lent by the Mayor, whose constantly renewed generosity we salute. In addition to the many gifts that will be distributed to them by donors too numerous to be mentioned here and which are very grateful, a clown will come and make them laugh and we know how much children love to laugh. Photos of the godchildren and godchildren will be taken to be sent to the godfathers and godmothers so that, in a certain way, they have participated in the Feast.
I will do you very quickly a report and I tell you very soon.