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Our children: they are artists ♥

Hello everyone!!

Wednesday February 13th was an exceptional day for the family of our children…
We were very happy to be able to make a distribution of PPN thanks to “Heart Races donors” …
A big thank you for giving us this moment of joy !!

We would like to extend our thanks

  • To our academics, thank you for taking the time to prepare these donations with us… You have really learned the lesson, we have two hands !!! You are our pride …
  • To our vice-president who was in contact with donors
  • And especially to our Founding President who is always there for us.

Without all of you we would never have made it!

Knowing that thanks to a big heart, we could read in the eyes of the beneficiaries so much gratitude !! THANKS.

Some photos, just so that you can share this happiness with us!