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EDLR Christmas Party – Saturday December 15 at Le Chat’O Park Ivato

EDLR Christmas Party - Saturday December 15 at Le Chat'O Park Ivato

Dear godmothers, godfathers, dear friends, dear visitors!

From the two end-of-year celebrations of the previous year, we had wonderful memories of visiting the two animal and plant parks in the capital. Our children were able to discover the flora and fauna of their country, no longer through books or lessons but in reality.

This year we changed our itinerary a bit, we were in an amusement park:
The Chat’O Parc Ivato, which is 12km from the city center…

Like other years, everything went absolutely as we had hoped!

The Lord gave us, as always, fine weather, not a single drop of rain. Thank you Lord !!

We had organized a public transport which was scheduled to depart at 8am from our office in Ambatomena Analakely.

Around 7:00 am , the children began to come little by little, our academics took care of putting ribbons on their wrists ( this year the ribbons were used to differentiate the children in each car in order to save time when returning ) at 7:50 am the 6 cars were loaded and our supervisors began the presence …

At 8:10 am we left the city!

With the traffics we arrived on site < strong> at 09:40 am…

One of the park employees explained to the children, in their language, the various games with the respective rules to follow.

At 10 a.m. , they started having fun as they saw fit with billiards , table football , the trampolines , the bull , the bouncy castles , the swimming pool, football etc….

At 11:30 am , it was the break tasted: briochs are generously offered by a few groups of our sponsors here in Madagascar, and the moment of refreshment as well.

At noon 30mn , we saw that their stomachs were almost empty because they began to take shelter! Their lunch was a little late, stuck in traffic, it’s so true that the impossible, no one is held!

At 12:45 pm , our Vice-President finally arrived with the sandwiches… They were so hungry that we even heard the sound of a flying mosquito, lol…

At 2:45 p.m. our academics were getting ready for the distribution of clothes and cookies …

And for finish, the raffle draw with Santa Claus and also the distribution of croissants.

We left the place at 4:15 p.m.

Our children returned home with a full stomach, their hands loaded with a wonderful memory of the various games they did not have there used to enjoy it. It was a wonderful day, to see the joy of the children, their smile and their eyes full of stars, it is only happiness!

Thank you very much to all of you for organizing this celebration with us to make it a memorable day for us and for our children.

A very special thank you:

  • to our loyal donors for drinks, transport
  • to sponsors & amp; godmothers who donated the clothes and buns,
  • to our partners
  • as well as to our collaborators.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019…

Thank you again for everything and next year!