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Celebrating our 20th anniversary

Dear sponsors & amp; godmothers, dear donors & amp; donors, dear visitors, dear faithful friend (s) of the International Solidarity Channel “Street Children”!

Saturday April 08, was an exceptional day for the present members of the channel, our guests, the committee and our academics.

Children who for the most part were taken off the streets very young and whom we have seen grow and evolve and if not all have been able to access higher education at least they have received a basic education allowing them to have a luck in their adult life.

All this prompts us not to give up because that is all that we have planted for 20 years has now paid off!

Thank you to all of you for supporting us so far,
thank you for this helping hand, thank you for walking together during these few years
and a big thank you for the future and hope to be able to count on your support for a long time to come!

For those who weren’t able to join us, please know that we have celebrated our 20th year of existence! A luncheon at the Carlton Hotel was organized on this occasion to celebrate the event and more than 40 people attended.

Full of emotion, full of happiness, tears of joy, that’s how we can sum up this day …

20 years since the Chaîne came into being after having experienced very difficult situations but also moments of joy and great pride with currently 16 academics from our chain.
Isn’t that a happy and encouraging outcome for the future …

Together, we can make EDUCATION A REALITY FOR ALL!