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Christmas speech 2007

November 14, 2016 No comments

We would not be here, to rejoice all together, if we did not have your godfathers who have supported us from all corners of the world for 10 years already as well as our generous sponsors and friends on site here in Tana ! The best way to thank everyone who dedicates themselves to you is to do your best to get good grades in school, by being studious, that is, by loving learning and working hard to get there. .

Never forget that it is not for make us happy that you must do it but for you, in order to have in your hands the tools necessary to build your future.

When you are properly educated, you will have the opportunity and the choice to leave the poor conditions in which your families found themselves perhaps for lack of education ?

The doors will open more easily in front of you if you are well educated and educated, as well when you will be grown up, you will be able to work and provide for your family. I would like here on your behalf, to thank all your godfathers and godmothers, who from their distant country or even from here to Madagascar, each year offers you the possibility of staying on the benches of the school by giving each month of money to your parents, so they don’t have to put you to work before you’re old. I would like to thank all the members of the EDLR committee as well as all the volunteers who are not part of the committee, but who give themselves without counting, because this celebration which will take place, would not be held without their dedication.

And finally, I would like to mention the donors who supported us to make this recreational afternoon a success. Especially

the company TELMA which offered you the beautiful t shirts that you carry and the notebooks you will receive later, Telma is represented by its General Manager M Allard Ron and his wife Alice.

The Hotel Carlton and its new General Manager Mr. François Van Rens.
Ms. Penny and her friends who took charge of the organization of the snack…

Bank BOA: M Rasamison Jacques
Dr Graindorge – Copens
Boutique Arcadia: Mme Carmélita Pirbay Hony tea room and ice cream parlor Ms. Mylène Andriansolo Chang Ms. Bouhoulle Catherine M and Ms. Horion Travel agency: Cristal Tours, Mr. Gérard Vanmeechelen Belgian restaurant ISARO and especially Victor Ms. Cakir Emanuelle Mr. and Ms. Leus Xavier Fondation Akbaraly Cinzia Ms. Marichal Edith and his son Ives