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Conduct of the Christmas party for Enfants de la rue


After the love message sent to you by Nicky Van Ass, our Founding President, I see nothing to add.
I will simply tell you that the children have been very spoiled. They received a snack, drinks, toys and above all they laughed a lot with the clowns.
Each of our 350 little ones were able to confide in Santa Claus, tell him about his joys, his sorrows and his hopes. The godparents will receive, like every year, a photo of their godchild with Santa Claus as well as his wishes for a happy new year 2009. You think of them but them also think of you.
Share with us these moments of happiness by browsing the photo album that accompanies this letter. Better than words, they will prove to you how important and precious your help and support is. I let you soak up the joy they give off.
In my last letter, I told you about the auction of the first volume of the magnificent photo book of our little ones. I am happy to inform you that this book and the postcards taken from it are selling very well both here and in Belgium. People give it to their friends. Companies and hotels in Madagascar offer it as a souvenir to their customers. It is a huge success, thanks to Edith Marichal and her superb photos. The proceeds from these sales are in addition to the funds already collected for the development of our new ZAZAGASY project.
Next month, I will talk to you more particularly the members of the committee and the volunteers who devote their time and their energy so that our children progress in life.
In the meantime, on behalf of the whole team I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and especially a New Year 2009 full of happiness and serenity Very Merry Christmas and above all a year 2009 full of happiness and serenity
See you soon.