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Donation received March 2018

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 , we had wonderful news from a donor.
She is a salon manager massage massage named MASS DIAN is located in the city center of Antananarivo, more precisely in Betongo near David Garage ..
On the occasion of International Women ‘s Day on March 08, they organized a charity work ..
We were selected among so many associations in Madagascar to benefit from this work ..

Indeed, the manager herself, Miss Tiana came to offer us the donation in cash.

According to her explanations, massage parlors are currently very badly reputed és, and it is an everyday battle to deny this reputation… We wish him the best of luck in leading this battle !!

All our children and their families, all of us thank you very much Miss Tiana for this precious gift

Melle Tiana, Gérante du salon de massage DIAN MASS