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EDLR invited to the biggest Christmas market in Antananarivo (November 2009)

EDLR invited to the largest Christmas market in Antananarivo

(November 2009)

On Sunday, November 22, we were invited as exhibitor on the largest Christmas market in Antananarivo, that of the French Lycée in Ambatobe.
This Christmas market is a project initiated by the students of Terminal BEP as part of the lessons of the class. It was coordinated by teachers and supported by the socio-educational center of the establishment.
We would like to warmly thank the teacher who invited us to register. After her class hours, she brought us the registration request, handed it over for us so that we could benefit from a stand.
This lady will recognize herself …
Thank you a thousand times for giving us the chance to raise funds by selling our publications gone like hot cakes… The interest and generosity of visitors warmed our hearts…
Thank you to Mr. Headmaster , Teachers, Students, passers-by who stopped to support us.
Please make your friends aware of our cause by letting us know …
You will thus become one of the links in our chain of solidarity” Children of the Street “and together we will somewhat reduce poverty in Tana.