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Letter from the President for Christmas 2008

My very dear friends ...

Because you are all my friends, for so long for some.
I am writing to you from Belgium where, this year, I returned sooner than usual for the reason that I explain below. Still, my thoughts are with you all the time. It is with joy and pride that I present to you the new team that will take care of you.
My son Grégory, who was the creator of our site, has just been a dad for the second time. Now he is also independent and overworked. So I thanked him for what he has done for us for so many years and turned to another team of professionals who are in Tana.
Danie and Jean-Charles, Edith and Michette will be henceforth your contacts and the people who will give you news about your Association.
Michette for the texts. I present her to you, she is a person who likes to write and who will try to animate the site. I welcome her to this post.
Edith who makes wonderful photos. It is not his job but a certain vocation; she took care of our postcards and the superb book, all already on sale in Madagascar and Belgium. I told you about it in my open letter and Michette will surely tell you more about it.
Danie and Jean-Charles from Shasama, a communications company. They will make our site receptive and visible to all. They specifically appointed Insiya, production manager, to integrate text and photos into the site.
Before passing the torch to them, I would like to tell you again that this year, the Christmas party will be without me. Indeed, I am already in Belgium since November 8 because I had the great happiness to be Mamy for the eighth time! You can easily imagine that this birth was my priority, moreover I present to you baby Neal.

I will give way to the new team who will take care of you. I must tell you that despite my abandoning my post, I am not worried. This team and the many volunteers who dedicate themselves to the children are GREAT !!! What enthusiasm, what ardor, both old and new recruits. ALL give body and soul for this recreational afternoon on December 3, which is, like every year, a success to the delight of the children. I thank them once again and BRAVO to all of you
Here it is, it is time for me to leave you but not without wishing you Happy Christmas and all the wonderful things 2009 can bring to you.
I always count on your support, our all new ZAZAGASY project is worth it. Our battle this year will be for all of us together to put more joy than tears on the faces of our little ones. Thank you for them.

Nicky Van Ass
Founding President