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EDLR n° 225

Mum of Rakotoarivony Valimbavaka Sombiniaina (n ° 225)


As the mother of Valimbavaka # 225, it is an honor for me to testify here.
The story began in 2004, my husband no longer has a job because of the crisis and I am a washing machine. However, thanks to the grants we received by EDLR we were able to bring our child home, without worry, at school… .. At the time he was at the EPP (Public Primary School) .. Even his shoes, his clothes, I was able to have them all because at the EPP, no schooling only the registration fee… and the scholarships I received served to improve my son’s life externally.

Currently he is in Terminale, if he got where he is, it is mainly thanks to “ENFANTS DE LA RUE” and all the people in the association … I hope with all my heart to have a better result of my son..

I also believe and hope that if the help from “ENFANTS DE LA RUE” continues, he will be able to cross the university and his little boat will arrive at its destination !!
I would like to thank the “ENFANTS DE LA RUE” association for its good will, as well as to all the people who work with it.


Valimbavaka came to us at the beginning of the 2004-2005 school year. He has been followed by two sponsors so far.
In 2014 her first godfather had to give her up for health reasons. Then we found her a new godmother …