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Moral Report 2016

Today, it will be up to us, two academics from the International Solidarity Channel Children of the Street, to write the moral report.

We are introducing ourselves :

We would first of all like to thank our very dear Mamie Nicky, the Founding President of this Channel in solidarity for her trust in letting us hold the pen at this time.

She is an extraordinary person who has put everything aside for 20 years and devoted her time to us strangers.
Without worrying about the color of our skin, she just wanted to bring hope to poor Malagasy families, mainly Antananrivo, the capital.

Aware of the danger that non-schooling can engender and the importance of education in the fight against poverty, the Channel aims to shape children from poor families by putting them on the benches of school.

Certainly, one could immediately think that it is parental duty, which is not at all false and completely normal but just like you, these Malagasy parents only want the best for their children.

These parents work hard through thick and thin; they even sacrifice themselves to the point of losing their lives sometimes. But for the most part, we would even say in the majority of cases, what these parents earn does not even meet their nutritional needs.

Unfortunately, this situation keeps getting worse. If we do a little retrospective, in 2012, Madagascar had an extreme poverty rate reaching 77.8% and in 2016 we found that 90% of the population lives in poverty.

In our opinion, this is mainly due to an exponential rise in the unemployment rate as a result of political instability and poor governance.

But thanks to you dear Godfathers, many children have been put on the right path for all these years.

We , academics, have been under the wings of the Children Of The Street International Solidarity Channel since childhood, and can testify to the importance of your generosity in our life.

In 2016, we created a sub -association which brings together mainly about fifteen academics and which we called “EDLR’S Challenge”.

Its objective is to self-finance in case of emergency, that is to say that we want back here per the barriers that may arise in front of us during an academic year and try to empower us by organizing beneficial events. The goal is above all to learn to be responsible.

If all this can be accomplished, it is mainly thanks to you everyone.

This is why we ask you again to continue to support us.
For you dear visitors, we very much hope that you join our circle for “Making education a reality for all”, so let’s hold hands!