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Madagascar Open Letter 2005 ♥


The 2005-2006 school year went well. We now have 290 registered children in our files !!!
If in my open letter 2004-2005 I told you about the high cost of the housewife’s basket, I regret to tell you that unfortunately the situation has not improved. All prices have sharply increased for food and even clothing.
The closure of several companies in the free zone plunges the population into a very serious situation. These gentle and smiling people get entangled from bad to worse in social problems and must fight every day to survive. Life here is hard, adult illiteracy also partly affects the economy and the consequences are undoubtedly reflected in family life.

Some of your little ones have left us so that they can go begging in the street to help their families. They are automatically replaced by others because the waiting list is long …

Our Association which is a united whole whose elements are united by a charitable relationship in a social and educational interest begins to be overwhelmed by requests for help.

As far as possible we want to be able to follow our proteges on a case-by-case basis, in order to be able to assess the nature of the actions to be undertaken.

The annual report of the O.S.T.I.E. ( Organization Sanitaire Tananarivienne Inter-Entreprises ) highlighted some reasons for frequent consultations, including malnutrition!

So we decided in the committee that this year for Christmasin addition to the bag of rice that we offer to families we will add a bag ofspirulina“. It is an algae considered as a food supplement rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We will pray to the Lord that it is well your little ones who will benefit from it and we will ask the parents not to sell it in order to survive.

I would like to take advantage of this open letter to thank all those who trusted us and who by this fact gave and always gives these 290 children joy and a little glow on the way to the future …because today’s children are the hope of tomorrow …

By allowing them to free themselves from the constraints of poverty and illiteracy our ideal will materialize and one day the sun will also shine for all these little beings who are in destitution right now and this THANKS TO YOU !!!

My most sincere gratitude goes first of all to all those who joined me in Antananarivo; I have appointed: Ladies Annie Tissier, Brigitte Janssen, Fleurette Rabé, Lisette Beckers, Dr Laura Rakotovoa-Ravahatra, Michèle Rasamison and Mr Guy Van Ass. In Belgium, Ladies and Gentlemen Gustin Remacle, Neyens Reyners and Peeters Van Deborne.

Then thank you to all those who will still help me in the future to bring a spark in the beautiful eyes and warmth in the hearts of these little Malagasy children.

I will not end this open letter without once again thanking all the godfathers and godmothers who by their financial contribution allow us to bring the children out of their misery.

I can assure you that most of your donation is directly given every month in person to parents or guardians, the first Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall of the 1st Antananarivo district.

I will not leave you either without thanking the company from the bottom of my heart Crossroads Software & amp; Services and especially its creator, my son Grégory because without him and his greatness of soul, the site you are browsing would not exist.

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